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170 Authentic Greek Names For Cats

Greek cat names are a great way to honor your heritage and the culture that you love.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something a bit more unique, Greek cat names have something for everyone.

The Greek land of beauty and history can provide you with some of the most creative ideas for giving and having a truly unique name for your cat.

On this page Greek cat names, we’ve pulled together names of famous Greek people and places as well as names from Greek culture, Ancient Greece and mythology.

Female Greek Cat Names

Do you have a beautiful girl kitten that needs a name? Beautiful female Greek cat names for your little girl cat.

  • Achlys – Mist, darkness
  • Adonia – Beautiful
  • Aglaia – Wisdom, glory
  • Amalia – Queen consort to King Otto
  • Aliki – Aliki Vougiouklaki (actress)
  • Arissa – “Best”
  • Astra – Star-like
  • Atalanta – “Mighty huntress”
  • Candace – Glowing
  • Calista – Most Beautiful
  • Callas – Maria Callas (renowned soprano)
  • Corinna – “Maiden”
  • Daphne – Laurel Tree
  • Elaina – Form of Helen
  • Evangelina – Angel
  • Helena – Light
  • Katina – Katina Paxinou (Oscar winning actress)
  • Kiki – Kiki Dimoula (poet)
  • Larissa – Cheerful
  • Leandros – Vicky Leandros (singer)
  • Lilah – The Lily
  • Melina – Melina Mercouri (actress, singer and politician)
  • Nana – Nana Mouskouri (folk singer)
  • Odette – Melody
  • Talia – Blooming
  • Trina – Pure
  • Vara – The Stranger
  • Yolanda – Violet Flower
  • Zena – Alive

Male Greek Cat Names

Boys are tougher and they need a stronger name. Strong and unique Greek names for male cats.

  • Aeschylus – Greece great tragic poet
  • Achilles – Greek warrior
  • Adelphos – Brother
  • Adonis – Handsome
  • Alexander – Alexander the Great
  • Andreas – Andreas Kalvos (author)
  • Aristotle – Greek philosopher
  • Constantine – Names of two Greek kings
  • Euripides – ancient Greek tragedian
  • Giorgos – Giorgos Seferis (author)
  • Homer – famous poet of the Iliad and the Odyssey
  • Nikos – Nikos Skalkottas (composer)
  • Onassis – Aristotle Onassis (shipping magnate)
  • Otto – First king of modern Greece
  • Pavlos – Pavlos Carrer (composer)
  • Plato – Greek philosopher
  • Roussos – Demis Roussos (singer)
  • Socrates – Greek philosopher
  • Sophocles – Great poet
  • Spiros – Spiros Focas (actor)
  • Stavros – Stavros Niarchos (shipping tycoon)
  • Theron – Hunter
  • Vangelis – Composer (best known for Chariots of Fire)
  • Vasilis – Form of Basil
  • Veggos – Thanasis Veggos (actor and director)
  • Zorba – Live each day

Cat Names Inspired by Greek Places

Beautiful places in Greece can really inspire you to name your cat after one of them.

  • Acropolis – Ancient Greece’s best known temple
  • Andros – Greek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Anafi – Island
  • Athens – Capital of Greece
  • Attica – Region of Greece
  • Corfu – Greek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Crete – Greek islands
  • Delphi – ancient religious sanctuary of central Greece
  • Ioannina – City
  • Evia – Island
  • Elikonas – Elikonas mountain; home of the Muses
  • Larissa – City
  • Lefkada – Island
  • Kavala – Island
  • Mycenae – Ancient city
  • Olympus – Mount Olympus (Greece’s highest mountain)
  • Parnassus – Mountain where is Delphi
  • Parthenon – Temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena
  • Rafina – Island
  • Rhodes – Greek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Samos – Island in the Aegean Sea
  • Santorini – Greek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Skyros – Greek Island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Sparta – City-state in ancient Greece
  • Taphos – Island
  • Thebes – The legendary city of heroes
  • Thessaloniki – Island
  • Volos – Island

Cat Names Inspired by Greek Food, Dessert and Drink

Have you ever thought about naming Your Cat after a traditional Greek dish? You’re not even aware of how amusing and unusual this name can be; check it out for yourself.

  • Avgolemono – egg and lemon soup
  • Feta – Cheese made in Greece
  • Gyros or Gyro – Dish made from meat
  • Kakavia – A Greek fish soup
  • Kalamari – Popular Greek seafood
  • Kourabiethes – Christmas sugar cookies
  • Kokoretsi – Traditionally Easter meal
  • Kolokithopita – Pumpkin Pie
  • Mayeritsa – Greek Easter Soup
  • Melomakarona – Christmas honey drenched cookie
  • Moussaka – Traditional dish with potatoes and meat
  • Ouzo – Popular Greek alcohol drink
  • Petimezi – A syrup made from grapes
  • Psomi – Greek bread
  • Souvlaki – Greek fast food made with meat
  • Skorthalia – Garlic Sauce Di
  • Tzatziki – Yogurt and Cucumber Dip
  • Tsoureki – Greek Easter Bread
  • Vasilopita – New Year Cake with a coin inside to bring good luck

Greek Mythology Cat Names

Greek mythology is rich in stories of gods and goddesses, heroes, heroic quests and monsters. In this list of Greek cat names we draw our inspiration from some of these myths to give you a unique name for your cat.

  • Achilles – The greatest warrior of the Trojan War who was invulnerable except where his mother held him by the heel when she dipped him in the River Styx as a baby.
  • Alcyone – The daughter of Aeolus who was betrothed to Ceyx but died when he did so Zeus transformed them into kingfishers so they could be together forever.
  • Augeas – The king of Elis who had a stable of a thousand oxen and it was Hercules’ task to clear out the dung in one day; he did so by diverting two rivers through the stables.
  • Autolycus – The king of Pherae and father of Philometor; he was one of the Argonauts and also helped Jason steal the Golden Fleece from Kolchis.
  • Tantalus – The king to whom Zeus told him the secrets of the gods
  • Phaethon – Son of Helios
  • Sisyphus – The king who had been cruel and wicked all his life. When he died the judge of under-world told him that his punishment would be to roll a great stone up a steep hill
  • Minos – A King of Crete
  • Narcissus – A beautiful son of the river-god Cephisus and the nymph Liriope
  • Orpheus – Musician and prophet,  Orpheus married Eurydice; she died. By playing on his lyre so charmed and moved even Hades that he consented to permit the return of Eurydice to earth, provided Orpheus would not look back as they were journeying out of Hades. But, overcome by his deep love, he looked back, and saw only the vanishing form of his beloved wife.
  • Heracles – Greek mythology hero
  • Actaeon – A great hunter, Artemis turned him into a deer
  • Asclepius – Apollo’s son who incurred Zeus’s wrath by restoring the dead to life
  • Alcmene – The mother of Heracles

Greek Goddess Cat Names

If your female cat is so beautiful and special that she looks almost divine, then a Greek Goddess name would be a perfect match.

  • Artemis – The great huntress-goddess of the fields and forests, she loved to hunt by moonlight
  • Aphrodite – The goddess of love and beauty
  • Athena – The daughter of Zeus, the goddess of wisdom, she is depicted as the goddess of warfare strategy, reason and handicrafts
  • Echo – A nymph believed to inhabit mountains. Hera punished Echo was never to speak until some one had spoken. Echo fell in love with Narcissus, but when her love was not returned, she pined away until she had nothing left but her voice.
  • Demeter – The sister of Zeus; the goddess of agriculture
  • Hera – Goddess of marriage, committed union, child birth, heirs; the wife of Zeus
  • Hestia – Goddess of the hearth
  • Persephone – A beautiful daughter of Demeter, Zeus had given Persephone to Hades to be his queen
  • Psyche – Which means “the soul” was a wife of Eros
  • Rhea – The mother of gods
  • Selene – Goddess of the moon

Greek God Cat Names

Can’t think of a name for your god-like male cat? Greek god names are always appreciated.

  • Apollo – The glorious God of light
  • Ares – The god of war and battle
  • Cerberus – The great dog guarder of the under-world who had three heads
  • Charon – The boatman of the underworld
  • Dionysus – The son of Zeus the god of the grape and of wine, also of the theater
  • Eos – God of the dawn
  • Eros – The love-god
  • Hades or Pluto – A brother of Zeus, the god of the underworld, the god of death and hidden wealth of Earth
  • Helios – The God of Sun
  • Hephaestus – Son of Hera, Blacksmith, The God of Fire, He was born lame
  • Hermes – Shepherd god
  • Pan – The god of the fields and forests. Pan was not beautiful, like most of the gods; indeed, he was a very strange looking figure. He had legs and hoofs like a goat, and little horns upon his forehead, so that he seemed half man and half animal. He loved music, and was fond of playing upon a kind of flute which he made out of the reeds that grow by the rivers.
  • Poseidon – The brother of Zeus, Poseidon ruled over the rivers and the seas. He was always represented as carrying a trident, when he struck the sea with this, fierce storms would arise
  • Prometheus – A god of fire one of the Titans. He stole some of the fire that the Gods kept in heaven, and gave it to men
  • Proteus – Old sea-god, covered with the foam of the ocean, and with sea-weed and sea-shells clinging to his beard and his long gray hair whose duty was to care for Poseidon’s sea-calves, as the Greeks called the seals.
  • Zues – The king of gods had absolute powers and was god of sky signified by the thunderbolt

Cat Names Inspired by Ancient Greek Alphabet

The Ancient Greeks used an alphabet that was based off their own language. This alphabet included letters, each representing a syllable. These syllables were then combined together into words that represented ideas and concepts. And Ancient Greek alphabet would make perfect Greek cat names.

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Delta
  • Epsilon
  • Stigma
  • Digama
  • Zeta
  • Eta
  • Theta
  • Iota
  • Kappa
  • Lambda
  • Koppa
  • Ro
  • Sigma
  • Phi
  • Omega
  • Sambi

Ancient Greek Cat Names

Ancient Greek is famous and almost everyone can relate to it. Here are some name ideas for your cat.

  • Pollux – One of the Gemini twins
  • Atlas – Titan who carried the weight of the world on his back
  • Castor – One of the twins of Gemini
  • Clotho – was one of the Fates
  • Hesperus – The Evening Star
  • Lacheses – One of the Fates
  • Phosphorus – The Morning Star

The Ancient Greek Nine Muses Cat Names

The Nine Muses were the Greek Goddesses of inspiration. Beautiful and very unique female Greek cat names for your artistic cats.

  • Polyhymnia – the muse of sacred poetry
  • Euterpe – the muse of music
  • Urania – the muse of astronomy
  • Clio – the muse of history
  • Melpomene – the muse of tragedy
  • Thalia – the muse of comedy
  • Calliope – the muse of epic poetry
  • Erato – the muse of lyric poetry and love poetry
  • Terpsichore – the muse of dance

Greek Gods and Goddesses Had Cats

Greek mythology is filled with interesting stories about cats and their role in ancient culture. If you’re looking for an unusual name for your feline friend, these might be just what you need.

You may not realize it, but many Greek gods and goddesses had cats as helpers or companions. These include Artemis (the goddess of the hunt), Aphrodite (the goddess of love), and Demeter (the goddess of agriculture).

Do You Need More Name Inspiration For Your Cat’s Name?

If you have more Greek cat names to suggest, please use the comment section below. We would love to hear your ideas. If you still didn’t find a great name for your cat you can try some of these categories or Greek dog names that could be interesting as well for cats:

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