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Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese Cat Overview

Tonkinese cats are a medium sized breed which is distinguished by factors that are similar to Siamese and Burmese breeds. Tonkinese cats are very energetic, sociable and at times conversational with an extremely responsive personality. They can live happily even in apartments, if they can get some exercising opportunity in their routine. Tonkinese cats are also at times called, Tonks.

For a couple of years the breed of Burmese and Siamese was raised without an official record, however in the 1960s it was decided to allow mating of the two breeds to create a new breed. Normally cross breeding is done in order to create better quality of coat, or just to change the color of the breed.

But beautiful and elegant Tonkinese cats were created bringing together the traits of Burmese and Siamese cats and form the finest of their attributes. The Tonkinese cats that came into existence were the best combination of traits such as body, personality and even the coat of the Burmese and Siamese.

Tonkinese Cat Appearance

The features particular to the Tonkinese cats are the wedge shape of the head, strong body, slanting eyes and a nice long tail. Tonkinese cats are almost small to medium size, weighing around six to twelve pounds.

The coat of Tonkinese cats varies from brown, red, blue, chocolate, lilac, and cream and even fawn, giving the Tonkinese cats a very attractive personality.

The cats’ association however only allows the Mink pattern on the Tonkinese cats for entrance in a show, which also states that the cat should have brilliantly blue colored eyes. Other colors in this breed have eye colors such as green and blue.

Tonkinese Cat Characteristics

Tonkinese cats like its parents the Burmese and Siamese cats, have their attributes of having a personality that makes them adoring, friendly and very mischievous. These factors make the Tonkinese cats a very nice addition to families living in houses, or even apartments with other pets. Tonkinese cats can be easily kept with other pets, as it is really sociable and adaptable.

Owing to the nature of Tonkinese cats, they make an extremely nice contributor in children’s games such as dress up parties etc and enjoy it thoroughly. Tonkinese cats are so friendly and warm, that you can expect them to come and curl up in your lap or shoulder, while you watch television, or snuggle with you under the covers for a nice pleasant sleep.

Tonkinese Cat Care and Maintenance

Tonkinese cats being the sociable type, will require a lot of attention from the owner, and would not make a good choice for someone who has a demanding career and is away from home most of the day. If however someone with a job of this nature still wants to acquire a Tonkinese cat, he/she should consider adding some other playful pet also.

Tonkinese cats are extremely sharp and smart of the feline breed. They can be easily trained and taught to do things like fetching things or even walking on a leash.

Tonkinese are intelligent, vivacious, affectionate, playful, inquisitive and curious. They can also jump onto shelves, benches and table tops. They love to get into mischief.

Tonkinese Cat Colors

The basic colors are seal, chocolate, blue and lilac with 3 different basic coat pattern variations to those colors – mink, sepia and pointed.

Mink: The points on the mask, ears, feet and tail should present an unmistakably darker expression of the body color, merging gently and sharply contrasted. The eyes should be greenish blue or bluish green with a range from green to light blue

Sepia: This is the Burmese expression and so the point contrast may be almost totally lacking. Point color is expressed mostly on the mask and ears. The eye color should be green to gold.

Pointed: Strongly developed mask, ears, legs and tail contrasting with a pale body. Any shading on the body should be a paler shade of the point color. Eye color should be bright to deep blue.

There are also other additions to the basic color and pattern range. They include cinnamon, fawn, red, cream, caramel and patterns, tabby, tortie.

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