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“Regal Cat Names for Kings and Queens”

Cats were once treated as gods in some cultures and they’ve never forgotten it! If you have a tom or a queen that thinks they should be waited on hand and foot, then this royalty cat names list is sure to have the perfect name.

Just pick a names that seems to fit – but remember to get the royal purr of approval before making your final decision.

Royal Female Cat Names

  • Adelaide

Queen Adelaide, (consort of King William IV of the UK)

  • Alexandra

Queen Alexandra (consort of King Edward VII of UK)

  • Alexia

Princess Alexia (granddaughter of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)

  • Alice

Princess Alice (second daughter of Queen Victoria)

  • Alix

Princess Alix (later Empress Alexandra of Russia)

  • Amelia

Princess Catharina-Amelia (second in line to Dutch throne)

  • Anne-Marie

Queen Anne-Marie (wife of deposed King Constantine II of Greece)

  • Astrid

Queen Astrid of Belgium (consort to King Leopold III)

  • Beatrice

Princess Beatrice (youngest child of Queen Victoria)

  • Beatrix

Queen Beatrix (current monarch of the Netherlands)

  • Caroline

Princess Caroline of Hanover (Princess of Monaco)

  • Catherine

Empress of Russia “Catherine the Great”

  • Charlene

Princess Charlene (consort to Prince Albert II of Monaco)

  • Charlotte

Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

  • Cristina

Princess Cristina of Spain (daughter of King Juan Carlos I)

  • Diana

Princess of Wales, former wife of Prince Charles

  • Eleonore

Princess Eleonore (daughter of heir to the throne, Prince Philippe of Belgium

  • Emma

Queen Emma (was consort to King Willem III of Netherlands)

  • Eugenie

Princess Eugenie, (granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II)

  • Fabiola

Queen Fabiola (widow of King Baudouin of Belgium)

  • Frederika

Queen Frederika (was consort of King Paul of the Hellenes)

  • Grace

Princess Grace (was consort of Prince Rainier II of Monaco)

  • Iman

Princess Iman (eldest daughter of King Abdullah of Jordan)

  • Isabella

Princess Isabella (eldest daughter of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark)

  • Josephine

Princess Josephine (second daughter of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark)

  • Leonor

Princess Leonor (daughter of Prince Felipe of Spain, heir to the throne)

  • Leti

Nickname of Princess Letizia of Spain

  • Letizia

Princess Letizia (future Queen Consort of Spain)

  • Mabel

Princess Mabel (daughter-in-law of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)

  • Madeleine

Princess Madeleine of Sweden (daughter of King Carl XVI Gustav)

  • Margrethe

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (incumbent)

  • Marie

Princess Marie of Denmark (daughter-in-law of Queen Margrethe II)

  • Marie Antoinette

Queen Marie Antoinette (was consort of King Louis XVII of France)

  • Martha

Princess Martha-Louise of Norway (eldest child of King Harald V of Norway)

  • Mary

Crown Princess of Denmark

  • Masako

Crown Princess of Japan (wife of heir to Japanese throne)

  • Mathilde

Princess Mathilde of Belgium (future Queen Consort)

  • Maud

Queen Maud of Norway (was consort to King Haakon VII)

  • Maxima

Princess Maxima (wife of Prince Willem-Alexander, heir to the Dutch throne)

  • Minnie

Nickname of Empress Marie of Russia (consort to Emperor Alexander III)

  • Noor

Queen Noor (widow of King Hussein of Jordan)

  • Paola

Queen Paola (consort of King Albert ll of Belgium)

  • Rania

Queen Rania (consort to King Abdullah ll of Jordan)

  • Sofia

Queen Sofia of Spain (consort to King Juan Carlos l)

  • Sonja

Queen Sonja of Norway (consort to King Harold V)

  • Stephanie

Princess Stephanie of Monaco

  • Teresa

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa (consort of Grand Duke Henri l of Luxembourg )

  • Toshi

Princess Toshi (only child of Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan)

  • Windsor

Royal House of Windsor (United Kingdom)

  • Xenia

Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia (daughter of Emperor Alexander III)

Royal Male Cat Names

  • Adolphus

Prince Adolphus, son of King George III of the UK)

  • Albert

Prince Albert, (consort to Queen Victoria of the UK)

  • Alexi

Was the only son and heir of Tzar Nicholas II of Russia

  • Alfred

Prince Alfred (second son of Queen Victoria)

  • Alois

Prince Alois (Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein)

  • Andrew

Prince Andrew, Duke of York (son of Queen Elizabeth II)

  • Arthur

Prince Arthur, (son of Queen Victoria)

  • Aymeric

Prince Aymeric (grandson of King Albert II of Belgium)

  • Bernhard

Prince Bernhard, (was consort to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands)

  • Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte French military and political leader

  • Bourbon

French Bourbon dynasty

  • Carl

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (incumbent)

  • Christian

Name of nine Danish Kings

  • Claus

Prince Claus (consort of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)

  • Edward

Name of five English kings

  • Emmanuel

Prince Emmanuel (grandson of King Albert II of Belgium)

  • Ernst

Prince Ernst August of Hanover (husband of Princess Caroline)

  • Felipe

Prince Felipe of Spain (current heir to the throne)

  • Francis

Duke of Teck (father-in-law of King George V of the UK)

  • Frederick

Name of nine Danish Kings

  • Gabriel

Prince Gabriel of Belgium (grandson of King Albert II of Belgium)

  • George

Name of six British kings

  • Gustaf

Name of six Swedish kings

  • Gustav

Prince Gustav (son of King Frederick VIII of Denmark)

  • Haakon

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway (current heir to the throne)

  • Hanover

Royal House of Hanover (Germany and Great Britain)

  • Hans

Prince Hans-Adam II (Sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein)

  • Harold

King Harold V of Norway (incumbent)

  • Henri

Grand Duke Henri I of Luxembourg (incumbent)

  • Henry

Name of eight English kings

  • James

Name of two English and seven Scottish Kings

  • Karl

Prince Karl (first Sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein)

  • Laurent

Prince Laurent of Belgium (youngest child of King Albert II of Belgium)

  • Leopold

Name of three Belgian kings

  • Lorenz

Prince Lorenz, (Archduke of Austria) son-in-law of King Albert II of Belgium

  • Louis

Name of eighteen French kings

  • Magnus

Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway (grandson of King Harald V of Norway)

  • Maximilian

Prince Maximilian (brother of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein)

  • Nicholas

Czar Nicholas ll (the last Emperor of Russia)

  • Nikolai

Prince Nikolai (eldest grandchild of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark)

  • Olav

Name of five Norwegian kings

  • Oscar

Name of two Swedish kings

  • Philippe

Prince Philippe of Belgium (heir to the Belgian throne)

  • Romanov

Royal House of Romanov (Russia)

  • Sebastien

Prince Sebastien (youngest child of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg)

  • Stuart

Royal House of Stuart (Scotland and England)

  • Tudor

Royal House of Tudor (England)

  • Vincent

Prince Vincent (son of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark)

  • Willem

Name of three Dutch kings

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