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Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat General Description

The Ragdoll grows to be a fairly large and heavy cat, rivaling the Maine Coon in size, length and strength. The cat should be firm and muscular. Females are approximately five pounds smaller than their male counterparts. Color maturity is not achieved until two years old; while full weight and size are reached around the age of four years. The breed obtains its name from its laid back, calm and docile nature. The Ragdoll is very social and loves its human and/or pet counterparts.

Ragdoll Cat Coat

Plush, silky, semi-long to long haired breed. The breed does shed, however does not require daily maintenance. The coat breaks as the cat moves and is the longest around the neck and face area.

The Ragdoll Cats are considered to be a breed with a distinct colored paint coat along with blue eyes. They are large and muscular and possess a silky and soft coat, along with semi-long hair. The name Ragdoll was originally coined because of the tendency of individual cats to limp and relax when they are picked up.

Ragdoll Cat Temperament

The floppy and docile nature of the Ragdoll Cats is a characteristic which is thought to be possessed by them because of their lineage linkage from the Siamese and Persian breeds. However, it must be known that not all Ragdoll Cats possess this quality. There are many ragdolls that do not want to be picked up and they do not flop. There are statements that indicate that these traits are actually results of genetic mutations.

Also, there is a myth that because of the extreme docility shown by the Ragdoll Cats, they are considered to be pain-resistant. Also, there are some breeders in Britain who have tried to eliminate the limpness of the kittens thinking that the extreme docility shown by these may not be in their best interest.

However, the breed standards describe that the temperament of these Ragdoll Cats is considered to be affectionate, relaxed, intelligent, gentle and very easy to handle.

Ragdoll Kittens

Ragdoll Cat Physical Characteristics

Considered to be as one of the largest domesticated cat breeds, the ragdolls have a sturdy body with large proportionate legs. The genes that point for coloration of these cats also account for their unique blue eyes.

The breed has a unique plush coat, which mainly consists of long guard hairs with short dense undercoat. This result in reduced matting and shedding; not every ragdoll possesses such a coat. However, many of the ragdolls require daily brushing in order to reduce the matting.

Ragdoll Cats come in a total of six different colors: chocolate, flame, seal and their corresponding dilute colors such as blue, green and lilac. They may also include a tortoise-shelled pattern, along with an amalgamation of the above mentioned shades. The kittens start to show these variations in colors from the 8th to 10th week of their life and may show the permanent color in 3 to 4 years.

Additionally, there are patterns which are manifested in these cats. They are as follows:

Pointed pattern: Here, one particular tone of the color is present at the extremities (ears, nose, tails and paws).

Mitted: They are same as those with pointed pattern except their abdomen, hind legs and white paws; they may or may not have a blaze. They also have a belly stripe such as a white stripe which runs from chin to the genital area.

Bicolor: They may also have a combination of white or high white colors which may be in patches or as spots on the body.

With these color patterns, Ragdoll Cats are considered to be excellent pets to be kept at home. However, they usually do not enjoy the pleasure of being sitting in the lap.

Ragdoll Cat Breed Facts

  • Origin: California, USA
  • Coat: Semi-long hair
  • Shedding: Yes
  • Matting: Rarely
  • Health: No Problems
  • Grooming: Every week or two
  • Other animals: Compatible
  • Temperament: Passive
  • Social Skills: Excellent
  • Noise Level: Very Low
  • Maturing: 2 to 4 Years
  • Avg weight male: 15+ lbs
  • Avg weight female: 9+ lbs

The Ragdoll Breed is For You if:

  • You want a loving, docile companion
  • You like very big cats
  • You want a cat that likes to be with people
  • You want a cat with a long, soft coat without the constant grooming
  • You want an indoor cat
  • You want a cat that can be easily trained
  • You want a cat that doesn’t shed

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