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Ocicat Cat Breed Information


The Ocicat Cats are a domestic breed, which resembles to a wild cat; however, they do not have the “wild blood instincts” present within them. In other words, the external appearance of a wild cat and the internal behavior of a cold tempered cat are what make Ocicat Kittens suitable for being kept as domestic cats at homes.


The Ocicat first came to be known in 1964. These Ocicats come from a mixture of Abyssinian and Siamese. The American Shorthairs were also started to be bred with them later. The first generations appeared Abyssinian but the second generation was an Abyssinian pointed Siamese. With the addition of American Shorthairs, Ocicat Cats acquired the typical silver color, distinct bone and muscle markings of the American shorthairs.

Excellent temperament

Ocicat Cats are known to have an excellent temperament. They are extremely outgoing, and it is considered that they have the spirit of a dog locked in a cat’s body. This is the reason why these cats can be easily trained to fetch, harness and walk on a leash. They can come whenever they are called, can lie down whenever they are asked to and can unleash many of the other dog instincts.

Since these cats are very toy-ridden, they can be particularly good in feline agility. Most of them readily get to the water too. Moreover, the Ocicat Cats are very friendly and socially interactive. They can even march to strangers and announce that they want to be petted by them. This is the reason which makes them great family pets. One of the best features about them is that they can readily interact with other animal species that you already have in your home.

For those people who want to spend a lot of time with their pets, Ocicat Kittens are considered to be excellent pets, because they require more attention from the pet owners.

Ocitat Colors

For the Ocicat breed, there are twelve standard colors that are approved: Tawny, cinnamon, chocolate and their dilute shades, blue, fawn and lavender, and when bred with American Shorthairs, they may reveal shades such as black silver, cinnamon silver, chocolate silver, lavender silver and fawn silver.

Unique Body Characteristics

Ocicat Cat have some bodily characteristics that are particularly unique to them. For example, they have almond shaped eyes which make them acquire a vision perfect for seeing at night. They have a strong body with muscular legs and good markings with strong oval shaped paws. The Ocicat Cat grow up to become large and muscular bodied pet species, which gives an impression of power and strength in them. And best names for Ocitat cats would be exotic cat names or some more unique kitten names.

The body shape of Ocicat Cat is considered to be an intermediate one, found between svelte oriental and the sturdy American shorthair types. Today, Ocicat Cats are wide spread around the world and can be found anywhere, because they are popular for their wild appearance but domestic and friendly nature.

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