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Musical Cat Names for Your Rockstar Cat

Musical Cat Names are a great choice, because all cats love to sing – even if few of them can actually carry a tune!

Still, if your kitty is inclined towards the musical, you could do a lot worse than choosing a name from our musical cat names list. Names like;

Bee Gee – a kitten who hits the high notes
Hendrix – he’s a bit of a voodoo chile!
Ozzy – a rather crazy kitty
Springsteen – a cat who thinks he’s ‘The Boss’

Musical Cat Names From Music Terms and Genre

  • Back-beat – Rock n Roll musical term
  • Blues
  • Disco
  • Groupie – term referring to female fan of a rock group
  • Harmony – musical term
  • Hip-Hop – music genre
  • Jazz – music genre
  • Opera – art form of singing and acting with a musical score
  • Reggae – musical genre
  • Roadie – slang term for a member of a rock band’s Crew
  • Solo – musical term for an improvised passage of music
  • Soprano – voice type with a vocal range, normally female singers
  • Maestro – Brilliant composer, conductor, or music teacher.
  • Tritone – A music chord
  • Tune – A rhythmic succession of musical tones
  • Triad – Note chords

Music Cat Names Inspired By Famous Singers

  • Alicia – Alicia Keys
  • Aretha – Aretha Franklin, R&B singer
  • Bessie – Bessie Smith “Empress of the Blues”
  • Billie – Billie Holiday, Blues singer
  • Birgit – Birgit Nilsson, Swedish soprano
  • Bocelli – Andre Bocelli, Italian tenor
  • Boone – singer Pat Boone
  • Bowie – David Bowie
  • Braxton – Toni Braxton
  • Britney – Britney Spears, pop singer
  • Buddy – Buddy Holly, 1950s singer
  • Celine – Canadian singer Celine Dion
  • Chrissie – Chrissie Hynes
  • Cole – Nat King Cole
  • Coverdale – Dave Coverdale, singer for the rock band Whitesnake
  • Diamond – Neil Diamond
  • Dio – Ronnie James Dio, Rock singer
  • Dionne – Dionne Warrick
  • Diva – Refers to a celebrated female opera singer of outstanding talent
  • Dixie – The Dixie Chicks, country music girl band
  • Dolly – country singer, Dolly Parton
  • Donna – Prima Donna, Italian for the first lady singer in a opera company
  • Dusty – Dusty Springfield British singer “the white queen of soul”
  • Dylan – Singer, songwriter Bob Dylan
  • Ella – Ella Fitzgerald, jazz singer “first lady of song”
  • Elvis – king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley
  • Emmylou – Emmylou Harris American singer, songwriter
  • Engelbert – Engelbert Humperdinck
  • Etta – Etta James, blues singer
  • Faith – Faith Hill
  • Garfunkel – Simon and Garfunkel
  • Gladys – Gladys Knight, “queen of soul”
  • Gretchen – Gretchen Wilson, country music singer
  • Halford – Rob Halford, singer for the rock band Judas Priest
  • Jackson – pop singer, Michael Jackson
  • Janis – Janis Joplin, blues singer
  • Joan – Joan Jett
  • Joni – Joni Mitchell, singer and songwriter
  • Justin- Justin Bieber, pop singer
  • Kd – country singer, Kd Lange
  • Kylie – Kyle Minogue, pop singer
  • Lady Gaga – pop singer
  • Latoya – Latoya Jackson, singer
  • Lemmy – singer from the rock band Motorhead
  • Lennon – John Lennon, The Beatles
  • Lionel- Lionel Richie
  • Lita – Lita Ford, rock singer
  • Little Eva – Eva “little Eva” Boyd, singer (the loco-motion)
  • Luciano – Luciano Pavarotti, Italian tenor
  • Manilow – Barry Manilow, singer and songwriter
  • Miley – Miley Cyrus
  • Morrison – Jim Morrison, singer for The Doors
  • Nelly – Canadian singer, Nelly Furtado
  • Ozzie – Ozzie Osbourne, singer Black Sabbath
  • Pavarotti – Luciano Pavarotti, Italian tenor
  • Prince – pop singer
  • Roberta – Roberta Flack, singer
  • Ronan – Ronan Keating, Irish singer
  • Shania – Canadian singer, Shania Twain
  • Sheena – Sheena Easton
  • Sinatra – Frank Sinatra
  • Springsteen – singer and songwriter, Bruce Springsteen
  • Stevie – Stevie Wonder, singer and songwriter
  • Stevie Nicks – member of Fleetwood Mac
  • Streisand – Barbra Streisand
  • Summer – Donna Summer
  • Tina Turner – queen of Rock n Roll
  • Van Morrison – singer from Northern Ireland
  • Whitney – Whitney Houston
  • Zappa – Frank Zappa, musician, songwriter

Musical Cat Names From Bands

  • Abba – Swedish pop band
  • Aerosmith – American rock band
  • Backstreet – Backstreet Boys, boy band
  • Bangles – 1980s girl band The Bangles
  • Bee Gee – Australian pop band The Bee Gees
  • Blondie – 1970s pop band
  • Blur – English rock band
  • Bon Jovi – Rock band Bon Jovi
  • Charlotte – Good Charlotte, rock band
  • Cream – 1960s British rock band
  • Destiny – Destiny’s Child, girl group
  • Fleetwood Mac – rock band
  • Lizzy – rock band, Thin Lizzy
  • Motley – rock band, Motley Crue
  • Pantera – heavy metal band
  • Patti – Patti Labelle and The Bluebelles, 1960s girl group
  • Pearl Jam – rock band
  • Queen – rock band
  • Rainbow – rock band
  • Roxy – Roxy Music, pop band
  • Sabbath – Black Sabbath, rock band
  • Spice Girl – the girl pop band
  • Toto – 1970s band

Music Cat Names Inspire By Composers

  • Amadeus – Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Bach – composer, Johan Sebastian Bach
  • Beethoven – German composer Ludwig Beethoven
  • Berstein – Leonard Bernstein, composer
  • Chopin – Frederic Chopin, Polish composer and pianist
  • Gershwin – George Gershwin, composer
  • Irving – Irving Berlin, composer
  • Ludwig – Ludwig Van Beethoven German composer
  • Mancini – Henri Mancini, movies composer
  • Mozart – Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Porter – Cole Porter, composer
  • Strauss – Richard Strauss, composer
  • Tchaikovsky – Russian composer
  • Verdi – Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer
  • Webber – English composer, Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Music Cat Names From Musical Instruments

  • Bongo
  • Bansoori
  • Cello
  • Fiddler
  • Bariton
  • Harp guitar
  • Guitarrón (Mexico)
  • Tricordia (Mexico)
  • Ukuleles
  • Stroh violin
  • Viol (viola da gamba)
  • Lyra viol
  • Violone
  • Viola bastarda
  • Violotta
  • Vielle
  • Octobass
  • Rebab
  • Siku
  • Kora
  • Rebec
  • Fugara
  • Lute
  • Liron
  • Baryton
  • Tambourines
  • Clarinets
  • Harmonicas
  • Mandolin
  • Egg Shakers
  • Kaval
  • Hun
  • Biwa
  • Dahu
  • Kotu
  • Gehu
  • Trumpet
  • Bugle

Musical Names For Cats From Popular Guitarists

  • Angus – rock guitarist Angus Young
  • Beck – Jeff Beck, rock guitarist
  • Bonnie – Bonnie Raitt, blues guitarist
  • Clapton – Eric Clapton
  • Gene – bass player for the rock band Kiss, Gene Simmons
  • Hendrix – guitarist Jimi Hendrix
  • Les Paul – Gibson Les Paul, well known electric guitar
  • Page – Jimmy Page, guitarist of Led Zeppelin

Music Cat Drummer Names

  • Razzle – Nick Razzle, drummer for Hanoi Rocks
  • Ringo – Ringo Starr, The Beatles drummer

Festival Related Musical Cat Names

  • Woodstock – 1960s rock festival
  • Rock in Rio – Rio de Janeiro
  • Lollapalooza – Chicago
  • Sziget – Europe
  • Montreux – Jazz Festival in Switzerland
  • Mysteryland – Netherlands electronic dance music festival
  • Exit – Serbia summer music festival
  • Fuji – rock festival in Japan
  • Roskilde – Danish music festival

Popular Musical Related Music Cat Names

  • Cabaret – Broadway musical
  • Guy – Guys and Dolls, Broadway musical
  • Grizabella – Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Munkustrap – Cats musical
  • Rum Tum – Rum Tum Tugger feline characters from T. S. Eliot book, and musical Cats
  • Lady – My Fair Lady, Broadway musical
  • Miss Saigon – musical by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil
  • Phantom – Phantom of the Opera, by Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Musical Cat Names From Album and Songs

  • Abbey – Abbey Road, album by the Beatles
  • Carrie-Anne – song by The Hollies
  • Maggie-May – song by Rod Stewart
  • Mandy – song by Barry Manilow
  • Molly – Good Golly Miss Molly, song by Little Richard
  • Roxanne – song by The Police
  • Valerie – song by Steve Winwood
  • Carol – A Christmas festive song.

Opera Music Cat Names

  • Fidelio – Opera by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Figaro – The marriage of Figaro, opera by Mozart
  • Madame Butterfly – opera by Giacomo Puccini

Musical Cat Names Inspired By Record Label

  • Caltex
  • Clay
  • Def Jam
  • Heart Beat
  • Hyperion
  • Epithaph
  • Motown
  • Migos
  • Emi
  • Virgin
  • ZickZack
  • Warner
  • Qwest

Music Cat Names Inspired by Irish Musical Instruments:

Harp – Celtic harp a very popular kind of Irish musical instrument.

Bodhran – Irish drum the music produced by these instruments makes you feel high spirited and full of energy and life.

Flute – Irish musical instruments generally made of wood with six holes for the fingers.

Tin Whistle – the oldest and the simplest of all the Irish musical instruments.

Banjo – was first made in America and it then came to Ireland which now has four strings and the former strings were changed from standard to heavier strings.

Concertina – is another Irish musical instrument that was derived from Harmonica with a little modification.

Music Cat Names Inspired by African Musical Instruments:

Atumpa – drums which is used for giving signals.

Mbira – played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumb.

Fiddle – these are the musical bow, something similar like the hunting bow, generally used for religious ceremonies.

Cabasa – Also known as Shekere, it is made up of gourd and is covered with the shells. It produces the drum like music when hit at the top.

Juju – Made up of dried palm nut shells and wood. The instrument is played by shaking it and thus producing a percussion sound.

Agogo – Commonly known as Gonkogui, these are the bells available in two different sizes, the smaller one produces the high tone music whereas the larger one produces the lower tone music.

Music Names For Cats Inspired by Chinese Musical Instruments:

Paigu – Made up of wood with animal skin heads, it is a set of three to seven tuned drums.

Cymbals – These are the copper plates; it produces vibrating sound when being tapped. The sound is very deep and loud.

Gong – This is the popular folk Chinese musical instruments. Music is produced by a mallet by hitting a circular metal plate.

Dizi – It is a flute, made up from bamboo. There are generally 6 finger holes on a Dizi for playing and also three other holes including the blow hole as well.

Zhonghu – Also known as Chinese Viola, the playing end of this two string viola is covered with the snake skin.

Banhu – It is a two string fiddle, these strings are arranged vertically and the hair passes through these vertical strings.

Eru – A two string fiddle with the sound body of a drum-like little case. Usually ebony or sandalwood and snake skins are use for the making of hexagonal shape Eru. The two strings are made up of silk or nylon.

Matouqin – It is a horse head two string fiddle, deep in tone it is a symbol of Mongolian nation.

Yangquin – A hammered dulcimer, which is the adaptation of Persian Santur, is melodious in its tone and is commonly used for solo and also as an accompaniment.

Ruan – The moon shaped lute, with long neck is the most important part of the Chinese orchestra.

Guzheng – A table harp, generally made up of red sandal and wutong wood, is ideal for different playing techniques. Because of its graceful and mellow music it is used as a solo instrument.

Dance Cat Names

“Dance Cat Names to Suit Your Feline Ballerina”

Cats are agile, fleet-footed and graceful, so what better choice of name for a cat than a famous dance styles. You could name your cat after a famous dance style, like the Rumba or Cha Cha!

  • Ballet – Italian origin from the word “ballare,” which means “to dance.”
  • Bachata – style of social dance from the Dominican Republic
  • Belly – from Egypt features movements of the hips and torso
  • Boogie-woogie – playful couple dance
  • Bounce – funk dancing
  • Cha-cha – Cuban dance style
  • Charleston – dancing style named by city of Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Foxtrot – American progressive dance
  • Hip-hop – dance style of hip-hop music
  • Hula – dance developed in the Hawaiian Islands
  • Hop – form of swing dance
  • Jitterbug – swing dancing style
  • Jive – Latin dance
  • Lambada – Brazil origin partner dance
  • Flamenco – dance based on the various Spain folkloric music traditions
  • Tap – dance that use the sounds of shoes striking the floor
  • Merengue – couple dance from Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • Moonwalk – dance technique made famous by Michael Jackson
  • Quickstep – movement of ballroom dancing
  • Paso Doble – passionate, stirring and dramatic Spanish dance based on a bullfight
  • Polka – originated in the Czech Republic Polka is a folk dance and a type of music
  • Rueda – Rueda de Casino type of salsa
  • Rumba – Afro-Cuban folk-dance known for the dancers’ subtle side to side hip movements
  • Salsa – a combination of Cuban dances such mambo, pachanga, and rumba and American dances such as swing and tap
  • Samba – Brazilian dance with simple forward and backward steps and tilting, rocking body movements
  • Swing – social dancing where a dancer often lifts, spins and flips his or her partner
  • Tango – partner dance and social dance from Argentina and Uruguay
  • Twist – popular rock and roll dance
  • Waltz – origin from Germany and Austria The waltz, meaning “to roll or revolve”, is a ballroom and folk dance.

More Names For Cats

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