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Maine Coon Cat Breed Information


Maine Coon Cat is one of the most primitive natural breed in North America, these Cats are generally regarded as inhabitants of Maine, hence the name. Many amusing myths have been associated with the origin of the Maine Coon Cats; one of the most widely accepted belief is that the Maine Coon Cats came into existence, by the mating between the domestic cats and the raccoons.

Maine Coon Cats came into existence more than a century ago, as extremely strong and a gorgeous variety of the domestic cat, which was ready to endure the unsympathetic New England winters. Planned breeding of the Maine Coon kittens is fairly new, and many steps were taken to preserve the natural enduring and resilient qualities of the Maine Coon cats. It can be said that the most ideal Maine Coon Cats are very physically powerful and healthy cats.

Maine Coon Characteristic

Maine Coon Cats are extremely resistant and adaptive to intense climates. The coat of the Maine Coon is heavy and acts like a barrier against water, which is a quality not found in any other breed. Its body protects the Maine Coon against wet weather and snow. Maine Coon kittens shed its coat smoothly and this feature makes its maintenance fairly easy. Once a week brushing is all that the Maine Coon needs to keep it in best condition and tangle-free. The long bushy tail acts as a wrap around when the Maine Coon curls up to sleep acting as a protection against the harsh cold. The ears are heavily coated with fur that acts as an added feature against cold protection.

Maine Coon Cat grow gradually, and do not really achieve their full size till the age of three to five years. The temperament of the Maine Coon cats remains kittenish all through their lives; they are average sized, extremely friendly and good natured. The vocals of the Maine Coon are very distinctive too with a chirping thrill making them very attractive and desirable for people to play with.

Maine Coon Cat Temperament

Maine Coon Cat can be your friend, your companion, your buddy but don’t expect the Maine Coon to come up, curl in your lap and be your baby. Maine Coon Cats are extremely peaceful and laid-back in character in just about everything they do. If you got yourself a Maine Coon you will need a name. We have a lot of cool and unique Maine Coon names on our site.

Maine Coon Care and Training

Most of the Maine Coon cat’s breeders suggest good quality dry food. These cats are free fed without the fear of them becoming overweight. However, by middle age many Maine Coon cats tend to gain a lot of weight, which can be controlled by switching to a low calorie food. The Maine Coon kitten loves water, which is the one thing that can also help it keep itself clean.

Maine Coon Special Medical Problems

With time, studies have shown that the Maine Coon cats commonly inherit health problems such as hip dysplasia, which can manifest itself as lameness in a severely affected creature. Several cases of cardiomyopathy have also been reported in Maine Coon Cat.

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