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Magical Names for Mystical Cats

Cats have long been associated with black witches, dark forces and the occult. A wonderful assortment of names and words are associated with these otherworldly practices, many of which will be a perfect fit for your feline. Black cats are, of course, particularly wellsuited to names like Beelzebub and Lucifer.

Or consider the names of famous sorcerers and wizards: King Arthur’s buddy Merlin or even Harry Potter.

Mysticism as a positive force can also be expressed in your cat’s name. Consider some of history’s deities:

Meow Like An Egyptian


This cobra goddess was another deity of protection and specialized in keeping those she favored hidden from the sight of evil. She had several titles including, “Lady of Heaven”; “Lady of the North”; and “Eye of Ra.” This is a good name for a savvy house cat that makes certain nothing out of the ordinary takes place as long as she’s around.


Mother of all cats, embodiment of the warmth of sunshine, and goddess of the East, this deity in cat form was one of the most popular in all of Egypt.


The goddess of love and guardian of women, known as the queen of the West and protectress of the necropolis of Thebes. A good name for a protective mother cat.


This name means “He who comes in peace.


The supreme goddess. Arguably the greatest of all Egyptian deities.


Goddess of youth and associated with the coming of Spring. Vibrant and full of playful energy, this is the name for a cat that’s still a kitten at heart.

The Greek Isles


The sky god doesn’t have a lot written about him, but who cares… his name has a terrific sound!


In mythology, Charon piloted a ferryboat across the river Styx, taking dead souls to the Underworld. An ideal name for a black cat.


A beautiful young man who became the rain deity. A wonderful name for a good-looking cat that enjoys watching rain drip down the windowpane.


This benevolent force of nature brought wealth and education to the world. A wonderful sound.


God of dreams.


The muse of epic poetry.

The Roman Empire


The goddess of war known for her wisdom.


The god of hedonism, this name is ideal for a cat that’s completely devoted to his/her own pleasures. (Aren’t they all?) “Cats are the ultimate narcissists. You can tell this because of all the time they spend on personal grooming… A dog’s idea of personal grooming is to roll in a dead fish.” – James Gorman author “Cats are autocrats of naked self-interest.” – Camille Paglia, author “Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want.” – Joseph Wood Krutch, author.


The hunter. ‘nuf said?


The god of beginnings and endings seems to perfectly represent the cat that’s sleepy by day and ferocious by night.


Jupiter’s wife was the queen of the heavens and of the gods. (Jupiter, the Roman’s more serious-minded version of the Greek top deity Zeus, is a first rate name, too). Juno was honored each year with a festival called Matronalia, (yet another useful name) at which the Roman housewife was exalted.


Although you may associate the name with a certain pointy-eared alien from the TV series “Star Trek,” Vulcan was also the explosive, volatile god of volcano and fire.

The English word “cat” doesn’t seem to have come into general usage until the third century A.D…give or take a few decades or so.

Many of the world’s languages call our feline friend by a name very similar to ‘cat’ or to ‘puss.’ In fact, ‘puss’ is thought my many to have been derived from Pasht, the cat-headed Egyptian deity and the dark side of Bastet, mother of ALL cats.

If you’re feeling international, choose one of these names for your cat:

  • Chat – French
  • Cath – Welsh
  • Kitt – Arabic
  • Kot – Polish
  • Kato – Syrian
  • Puccha – Sanskrit
  • Pushak – Persia
  • Gatto – Italian
  • Gato – Spanish
  • Puize – Lithuanian
  • Katze – German
  • Kots – Russian

Or, be bold. Go to any corner of the world for inspirations like:

Out Of Africa


This is the name of the tree from which all human beings were born, according to the Herero Bushmen of South West Africa. It is also the source from which many other animals originated. Because of this, it is believed that humans and animals once spoke a common language having been born from the same tree. Sadly, this language has been long forgotten by human beings. Omumbo-Rombonga is a lot easier to pronounce than it may look and makes a great name for tree-loving cats of either gender.


The creator god who is believed to have vomited up the stars, this is a great name for a cat that hurls hairballs.


The name of the primary god of the earth to the Kono and Tembe peoples of west Africa.


The Dahomey God of thunder.


The god of creation to the Luba Tribe of Zaire.


The rain god of the Giriama of Kenya. Name your cat mungo if he happens to love staring out the window on dark and drizzly days.

Celtic Cat Names


To the Druids, Belenus was their golden boy. His name means “radiance” and he was more than likely a sun god or fire deity. He is often likened to the Greek god Apollo, and it’s easy to see why. Both were considered gods of healing and the scientific arts, both were thought of as scintillating gods of light, and both maintained a special friendship with the local priesthood.


The Irish God of youth.


A monster who battled the Ruling Gods of Ireland.


Goddess of poetry and fertility.


A deity believed to have a gargantuan appetite for all worldly pleasures. A perfect name for a “fat cat” of leisure.


The patron deity of horses, Epona is an ideal name for a farm cat.


A warrior goddess that feasted upon the heads of her fallen enemies. Great for a cat that enjoys bringing home “presents” of dead mice, birds, etc.

The Exotic East


The moon god, Tsuki-Yomi is unusual in world mythology as he is a male moon god; most cultures depict the moon god as a female.


Does your cat wear a jeweled collar? Name her after Amaterasu who decorated herself with the world’s finest gemstones. One of the most important deities in Shinto mythology, she was the goddess of the rising sun.


The goddess of love and happiness, Benzaiten is an ideal name for an affectionate feline.


God of the morning sun, Hiruko also bore the responsibility of protecting children. This is a wonderful name for a Siamese male as they are known for being excellent cat fathers.


God of the seas and oceans. If your cat has a fish fetish, this is the name to choose.


Japan’s god of mischief (like the Norse God Loki and the African god Anansi), had his fingernails and toenails removed as punishment for his actions. A fitting name for a cat that has been de-clawed.

Norwegian Names – Not Just For Forest Cats


Odin, King of the gods, was omniscient, and by all accounts, a selfish, aristocratic snob, prone to unpredictable bouts of extreme wrath. Sound like someone living at your house?

Freyr And Freyja 

Twin brother and sister and gods of fertility.


The god of tricks and mischief, Loki was always on hand to throw a wrench into the works.


The earth goddess was known for her selfless devotion. Perfect for a loving cat who is always at your side.


Originally called Donar, Thor is the god of thunder. He had a mane of unruly red hair and a gluttonous appetite.


Thor’s wife was known for her exquisite golden hair. A wonderful name for a silky Persian.

South Of The Border

Gucumatz (pronounced goo-KOO-mats)

The great feathered snake god of the Mayans, he was the son of the sun and moon gods and known for his stealth and slyness.

Cit Chac Coh (prounced KIT-chak-koh)

The Mayan war god whose name translates as “Twin of the Red Lion.” In this part of the world, a ‘lion’ would have referred to a Puma.


The Mayan god of thunderstorms and destructive winds can lend his name easily to a the “whirlwind of fur” that races through your house at midnight.


A farmer’s wife who learned from watching an inebriated mouse that the plant agave could make you drunk. Her discovery caused her to be elevated to a goddess.


Aztec god of the moon.


God of the Milky Way, Mixcoatl is a wonderful sounding name for a calico or other multi-colored cat.

The Mahabharata


Alternative: Vishnu Were Here. Vishnu is lord of the light that pervades the entire universe conquering physical and spiritual darkness. Filled with infinite love for humanity and ready to forgive all shortcomings.


A demon, rather than a god, Bali once seized control of the universe and was its temporary ruler until he was banished.


A name for the spirits that haunt cemeteries and mausoleums. A wonderful name for a “ghostly” cat.


The god of new beginnings had the head of an elephant.


The Buddhist goddess of felicity, compassion and protection.


Uma is goddess of the harvest, or more specifically, corn. Her name is an Indian synonym for earth, and she’s also known as the “daughter of the Himalayans.” Why not give your Himalayan this divine title?

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