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Himalayan Cats

Himalayan cats are blue eyed, long haired beauties that captured the hearts of cat lovers. This is the most popular division of the Persian and Siamese breed which makes it No 1.

The Himalayan cat is a heavy boned cat with a profuse coat. The head should be broad and round with a short nose, large round eyes and small neat ears. Eye color is blue, the bluer the better.

Himalayans are outgoing, intelligent, playful cats and can be quite vocal. They like human company and have a dog-like trait of following their owners about the house. As Himalayans are Persians, the coat needs the same care and attention with thorough brushing and combing. Kittens are born white and the points start to color at about two weeks. The number of kittens in a litter average four to six.

Himalayan Cat History

Himalayan cats breed started from America and England, between 1920 and 1930. Dr. Clyde Keller from Virginia Cobb of Newton Cattery, and The Harvard Medical School crossed the Siamese breed with Persian cats. They were bred and crossbred, and then Newton’s Debutant was born, which was the first ever Himalayan cat.

The mixed breed’s result was a fluffy, long haired, color point cat. Like Persian cats, Himalayan cats have a stocky body and placid temperament. Like Siamese cats, Himalayan cats have pointed colors. CFA accepted this breed in 1957 as standard, and in 1980 it was merged with Persians for color variation.

Himalayan Cat Characteristics

The main characteristics of Himalayan kittens are massive round heads, attached to thick short neck, small round tipped ears, and round wide large eyes. Body may be medium or large, broad across the rump, short stubby legs with round feet.

Himalayan Cat Point Colors

Actual recognition of these cats is their thick fur and color-points. Their points are of different colors such as blue, chocolate, chocolate-tortie, seal-lynx, red-tortie, lilac-cream, cream-lynx, chocolate lynx, blue-lynx, blue cream-lynx, lilac-lynx, red-lynx, and tortie-lynx. These points are restricted to facial mask, feet, legs, tail and genitals, where as the body is of various shades, which range from white to fawn.

Eyes are mainly bluish with different shades of blue. The points may be tortoiseshell patterned or tabby. Chocolate and lilac point Himalayan cat lesser bred, because both parents should carry the gene for lilac/chocolate to produce chocolate and lilac, this trait is known as autosomal recessive.

The kittens, like Persians are blood lines, laid back and calm. It does not mean that they are lazy. They can run at breakneck speed for no reason. Their personality is a mixture of devotion, playfulness and independence. Their company makes you feel that you are with a loyal, lively four legged companion.

Himalayan kittens rank higher in affection for owner and in return need only attention. They are intelligent, social and sweet tempered as it is their heritage from Siamese and Persians ancestors. Himalayan kittens need attention and love to be petted and groomed.

Himalayan Cat Health and Care

Like other furry animals Himalayan kittens need daily brushing to keep their fur beautiful and shiny. It also helps in keeping their coat clean and healthy. Secondly it’s necessary to wipe their eyes daily, because these cats can catch eye infections easily.

Due to stemming from extreme flat “Pug” faces they can also develop major breathing problems along with watery eyes. Their short breathing tube creates problems in breathing and the tear ducts are compressed, so eyes leak, therefore it’s important to wipe their eyes regularly.

Secondly these cats can get PKD (kidney diseases) so prevention and care is must for these four legged lovely companions. Himalayan kittens make beautiful house pets but they do require quite a lot of care and attention.

Himalayan’s are sweet, gentle, alert, and very playful. The are the perfect indoor cat companion. The crave attention and they are loyal to their chosen family. They love to sit in your lap and cuddle in bed with you at night. They are the perfect companion to share your home with. They will love anyone that loves them.

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