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160+ Best Hawaiian Cat Names with Meanings

Hawaiian cat names are a perfect choice for your little friend. The Hawaiian islands are full of natural beauty, tropical weather and delicious food.

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, and its name means “chiefly peaceful.” With that in mind, you might want to consider Hawaiian cat names for your beloved feline.

These unique cat names are perfect for any kitty who loves lounging in the sun, swimming and exploring the beach or just enjoying a day on the sand.

Kauai is the oldest of Hawaii’s four main islands, and its name means “fragrant.” This could be a perfect name for a cat who smells like she just rolled around in a bed of flowers.

Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and it means “spewing.” This might not be the best name for your sweet kitty unless her litter box habits are less than desirable!

You could also consider naming your cat after a favorite beach or Hawaii-inspired food.

Hawaiian Cat Names

Here are some of our favorite Hawaiian cat names:

  • Ahi (ah-hee) – This name means “yellowfin tuna” in Hawaiian and is also used as an adjective to describe something that is yellow or red. The word can also refer to a type of fish found in Hawaii.
  • Anuhea (ah-new-ee-ah) – This name means “gentle breeze” in Hawaiian and is often used as a nickname for girls named Anuhea. This name would be perfect for your sweet kitty who loves curling up near an open window or going outside to enjoy the fresh air.
  • Kai (kai) – This name means “ocean” in Hawaiian. If you have a cat who loves playing with water or gazing out at the ocean from your home’s windowsill, this could be the perfect fit.
  • Kaui (kow-ee) – This name means “gift” in Hawaiian and would be perfect for a kitty who was given as a gift and brings joy to your life every day!
  • Kaumana (koo-mah-nah) – This name means “friend” in Hawaiian and could be used as an alternative to naming your cat after one of your best friends.
  • Kawehi (kah-vee) – This name means “coconut” in Hawaiian, and would be a great option if your cat shares some similar personality traits with this tropical fruit!
  • Keola (keh-oh-lah) – This name means “song” in Hawaiian and would be perfect for your sweet kitty who loves to sing along with you while you play music.
  • Koa (koh-ah) – This name means “acacia tree” in Hawaiian, and would be a great option if you have a cat who is as tall and strong as an acacia tree.
  • Konohiki (kohn-oh-hee-kee) – This name means “land agent” in Hawaiian, and would be a great option for a kitty who helps you manage your property!
  • Lani (lahn-ee) – This name means “sky” in Hawaiian and would be a great option for an adventurous feline who loves to climb trees or jump from high places.
  • Lani-a-kea (lahn-ee-ah-kay) – This name means “adventurous” in Hawaiian, and would be a great option for an adventurous feline.
  • Lanikai (lahn-ee kai) – This name means “beautiful sea” in Hawaiian and would be a great option for a cat who loves to swim.
  • Leilani (lay lee lah nee) – This name means “heavenly flower” in Hawaiian and would be perfect for your sweet kitty who brings joy into your life every day!
  • Lono (low-no) – This name means “king” in Hawaiian, and would be a great option for a feline who loves to rule over all other animals.
  • Makani (mah-kahn-ee) – This name means “wind” in Hawaiian and would be a wonderful choice for an energetic kitten who loves to run around outside.

Some Very Popular Hawaiian Names are Follows

  • Kuokoa – Means Independent
  • Polunu – Means Chubby
  • Koa – Means Brave
  • Kupaa – Means Loyal
  • Pua – Means a Flower

Female Hawaiian Cat Names

This is a list of Hawaiian female cat names, as well as their meanings. The names of the girls on this page reflect Hawaii’s reputation as an exotic paradise.

  • Abegaila – Father’s Joy
  • Ailani – High Chief
  • Akami – Wise One
  • Akela – Hawaiian Form of Adele, “noble.”
  • Alamea –  “Ripe; Precious”
  • Alana –  Feminine of Alan “awakening”
  • Alani – Orange Tree
  • Alaula – Light of Daybreak
  • Aleka – Variant of English Alice
  • Aloha – Love
  • Aliikai – Queen of The Sea
  • Ani – Glass
  • Aolani – Heavenly Cloud
  • Balaniki – White
  • Eepa – Supernatural
  • Felora – Flower
  • Fidelia – Faithful
  • Halia – Remembrance of a Loved One
  • Iolana – To Soar Like and Eagle or Hawk
  • Ipo – Darling
  • Kai – Unisexual Name Meaning “the Sea.”
  • Kaia – The Sea
  • Kaikala – The Sea and The Sun
  • Kailani – Sea and Sky
  • Kailea – Babydoll
  • Kaimana – Divine Power of the Sea
  • Kaiolohia – Calm Sea
  • Kalama – Flaming Torch
  • Kalani – Unisexual Name Meaning (female) The Sky; (male) Chieftain.
  • Kalanie  – The Sky; Chieftain
  • Kalea – Bright
  • Kaleah – Bright
  • Kalei – The Flower Wreath; The Beloved
  • Kaleikaumaka – Beloved Child to Looked Upon with Pride and Love
  • Kalena – The Hawaiian Equivalent of Karen
  • Kali – Hesitation
  • Kalina – Variant of Karen
  • Kamea  – The One and Only
  • Kani – Sound; Also the Hawaiian Equivalent of Sandy
  • Malu – Peaceful
  • Malia – Thoughtful
  • Nalanie – Heaven’s calm
  • Nallely – Heaven’s Calm
  • Nana – Spring
  • Napua – The Flowers
  • Nelani – Calmness of the Skies
  • Noelani – Heavenly Mist
  • Noma – Example
  • Okalani – Heaven
  • Okelani – Heaven Sent
  • Oliana – Oleander Flower
  • Olianna – Oleander Flower
  • Olina – Joyous
  • Onaona – Sweet Smell
  • Palesa – Flower
  • Peke – Brilliant, Illuminated
  • Pilialoha – Beloved
  • Pilis – Friend of Horses
  • Pua – Flower
  • Pualani – Heavenly Flower
  • Puni – Heavenly Flower
  • Rapa – Moonbeam
  • Rehan – Flower
  • Roselani – Heavenly rose
  • Sasilvia – From the Forest
  • Ululani – Heavenly Inspiration
  • Verlee – Truth
  • Wikolia – Victorious, Conqueror
  • Zagiri – Flower

Male Hawaiian Cat Names

This is a list of Hawaiian male cat names, as well as their meanings.

  • Ailani – Chif
  • Ahimeleka – Biblical Priest
  • Akamu – Red Earth
  • Alaka’i – Leader
  • Ekemona – Rich Protector
  • Hailama – Famous Brother
  • Halola – Powerful Army
  • Iakepa – Wealthy One
  • Iakona – To Heal
  • Ieke – Wealth
  • Ielemia – God will lift up
  • Ikaia – God is My Savior
  • Ikaikalani – Spiritual Power
  • Ikenaki – Fire
  • Ikkka – Laughter
  • Ikaika – “Strength, Strong, Powerful, Mighty”
  • Inokene – Innocent
  • Ioela – God is Lord
  • Iokepa – God will Increase
  • Iokia – God Heals
  • Kaila – Unisexual Name Meaning “Style”
  • Kaili – Name of a Deity
  • Kaimi – The Seeker
  • Kale – Strong and Manly
  • Kalei – The Garland
  • Kana – A Maui Demigod Who Could Take The Form of a Rope and Stretch from Molokai to Hawaii
  • Kanoa – The Free One
  • Kapono – Righteous
  • Kahaaheo – We are Proud of this One
  • Kahaiaoponia – One who Sacrifices
  • Kahanu – He Breathes
  • Kahawai – River
  • Kahekaalohi – Pool that Shines
  • Kahelemeakua – He who walks with God
  • Kahua – Fort
  • Kai – Sea
  • Makaio – Given by God
  • Ori – My Light
  • Liko – Bud
  • Makan – Wind
  • Maleko – Male
  • Manal – Psychic
  • Meka – Eyes
  • Peni – Son of My Right Hand
  • Pika – Rock
  • Reth – Appointed King
  • Xarles – Manly, Farmer

Cat Names Inspired by Hawaii

Hawaiian cat names are a great way to pay homage to your favorite place. The Hawaiian Islands are known for their rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and delicious food. They’re also known for their unique animal species and natural beauty.

If you love Hawaii, then you’ll love these Hawaiian cat names.

  • Luau – Party
  • Mauna Loa – The largest volcano on Big Island
  • Kona – Coffee
  • Akaka – Akaka Falls State Park
  • Hamakua – Coast
  • Mauna Kea – “White Mountain”
  • Kilauea – Volcano
  • Hualalai – Volcano
  • Kohala – Volcano
  • Kailua-Kona – Town
  • Hilo – Town
  • Ono – Means delicious in Hawaiian
  • Poi – Taro paste
  • Tako Poke – Octopus and seaweed dish
  • Haupia – Coconut custard pudding
  • Wailua – The most stunning waterfalls in Kauai
  • Waimea – Canyon
  • Makana – Mountain
  • Limahuli – A verdant tropical valley
  • Ala Moana – Beach
  • Oahu – The third largest island in Hawaii
  • Laulau – Leaf-wrapped meat or fish bundles
  • Pipikaula – Meat dish

More Cat Names

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