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Famous Cat Names from Movies

Do you admire the courageous cat of ‘The Incredible Journey”? Envy the “When do we eat?” attitude of Garfield? Secretly identify with the wicked Siamese of Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp”?

Cats have been walking across the pages of great books for generations, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find plenty of inspiration on the silver screen, or even the small screen.

Here’s a list of famous cat names from movies to help you decide the name of your favorite cat. Surely more than one will be familiar.


From Disney’s animated film, The Aristocats. She is the mother of kittens Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz.


Gray tabby cat that is a sarcastic, obese and is one of the main characters in family comedy The Secret Life of Pets.


If you like Japanese names for cats, Doraemon will love you. It is the name of an adventurous cat, intelligent and friendly, always willing to help Novita, a boy with whom he lives intrepid adventures throughout the series.


With black fur, white eyes and a big smile, the Felix cat is one of the most famous animated characters in silent movies. This wonderful cat reached in a short time a great popularity, although of course, keep in mind that Felix is for this reason one of the most common names for cats.


The name of orange and lazy cat who loves lasagna and watching television is also one of the favorites of many pussycat owners. Therefore, it is ideal for cream cats, oranges or brindle cats.


A popular BBC TV children’s program. Bagpuss is saggy pink and yellow cloth cat.


It is the name of the Cinderella cat, cunning, lazy and very naughty. If you have a cat with these characteristics, you will not find any name that best suits your character as Lucifer.


Sylvester is a black and white red-nosed cat that lives obsessed with catching Piolin. This famous cat name is perfect if you have white and black cats, naughty and playful.


If you are an unconditional fan of the series The Simpsons, the name of Snowball will sound to you. Like the previous one, this name is ideal for white cats, although the character in the series is black. You can also put it on loving and family cats.


Salem Saberhagen is a black-colored American Shorthair cat that lives with Sabrina, the teenage witch of comic book and TV fame.


This white kitten with a pink bow gives off tenderness and elegance. Marie is a major character in the Disney film, The Aristocats.

Itchy and Scratchy

If you like the Simpsons series, you will know the origin of this name. Itchy and Scratchy cartoons shown in The Simpsons, these are the names of the cartoons that Bart and Lisa Simpson are passionate about. Do not you think a very original cat name?


Though he has no specific name, the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland is one of literature’s most beloved felines with a broad grin that didn’t disappear even when he did. Call your cat Cheshire and everyone will know just who you mean.


We know there is no Tom without Jerry, or Jerry without Tom. Although it is one of the common names for more used cats, Tom is still a wise choice when choosing the name of the cat. It is ideal for curious, active and intelligent cats. Also Tom from Nine Lives Comedy/Fantasy a businessman gets accidentally entrapped in the body of a cat.


A stray ginger cat from “A Street Cat Named Bob” movie. Movie based on the true story of homeless busker James Bowen and cat.


A happy story, where the cat cleverly brings his master and the princess together. Puss-in-Boots is well known for his cloak, hat with a feather, bag and high boots.


Also known as Cat Boys, Keanu action comedy film. The owners have lost their beloved kitten Keanu and are ready to fight the gang leader to get kitten back.


Turkish meaning for cat. A documentary about hundreds of thousands of cats that roam freely in the metropolis of Istanbul.


From adventure movie A Cat In Paris. Dino leads a double life, living with little girl Zoe and her mother by day, and working with the burglar `Nico’ by night.


A cat-like extraterrestrial from the comedy movie The Cat from Outer Space.

Hot Dog

Hot Dog is Dennis the Menace’s cat, named because of his mustard-colored coat.


The sophisticated Himalayan feline from family adventure Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

Milo and Otis

Movie The Adventures of Milo and Otis is a adventure story of two young and unlikely friends cat and dog.


From comedy Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore wicked cat devises a plan to destroy all human and canine life.


From The Incredible Journey is a slender, seal-point, Siamese cat with sapphire eyes, royal white body with dark black features.


Title character of his own book, Beauregard is an ordinary housecat who goes on a big adventure.

Koko and Yum-Yum

Lillian Jackson Braun has created a The Cat Who… series of wonderful mystery novels where backwoods man Qwilleran is aided and abetted by his detective felines.


The Adult cartoon Fritz the Cat follows the adventures of crazed cat Fritz who, after deciding he’s had enough of the college life roams New York City.


Morris, an orange colored cat, became popular when he appeared on television advertising cat food. Morris won a PATSY in 1973.

The Lion King and Friends

Disney’s film and stage production of “The Lion King” have given us some wonderful names:

  • Simba
  • Nala
  • Mufasa
  • Scar
  • Sarabi

Gay Puree

A charming animated feature from the 1960’s set in Paris (and voiced by the likes of Judy Garland and Robert Goulet) gave us these wonderful noms des chats (cat names):

  • Meowrice
  • Musette
  • Jean Tom
  • Rogues Pierre (a twist on the name Robespierre)

There are many movies, comics and animated series that have cats as protagonists. And the character of the pussycat does not go unnoticed even for the most prestigious directors of the seventh art. A wide variety of cat names have emerged, inspired by these fictional characters, most of them with years of experience behind them. The famous names for cats stand out for their originality, and we are convinced that they will awaken more than a smile to those who know your cat for the first time.

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