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Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex are wonderful, friendly and talkative cats. They are curious, observing everything their owner does and wants to interact with all activities, whether it be tasting what the owner is drinking, chasing the mop or riding on the vacuum cleaner. They are friendly, always coming to greet guests in the owner’s home, love companionship and will sit on anyone’s available lap.

Cornish Rex will play endlessly, making them a perfect companion for children, other cats and dogs. The dogs love their companionship in return, and are happy to have them near.

About 70 years ago, a very unusual cat was born in Cornwall, England.

Kittens were born in a litter of 5 where one boy had a curly, cream colored coat, large ears, long tail and a slender body.

This was the start of the breed. Anybody who knows the Cornish Rex will agree that they are the friendliest, happiest cats to have around.

They are sweet tempered, curious about everything, considered the clowns of the cat world and get on with children and all other animals.

Even though they look incredibly fragile, they are robust, healthy cats with huge appetites for food.

Once you have owned a Cornish Rex, you will never want another breed.

Cornish Rex Overview

The history of the Cornish Rex Cats goes back to the year 1950, when the first one of its kind was produced through mutation in Cornwall, England. They have a sleek structure; therefore, they are often called the Greyhound of the cats, as they resemble them very much. Not only this, they have more of a gallop when they run, which also resembles to the greyhounds.

While its not a guarantee, Cornish Rex cats are one of the better cats to have if you have mild to medium allergies.

Cornish Rex Color

Cornish Rex cats come in a rainbow list of colors, just about any color you can think of from solids, bicolors, calicos, tabbies, and even chocolate and pointed colors.

The Cornish Rex Cats are available in a wide variety of colors. The colors can be divided into different categories such as solid and combination. The solid colors of the Cornish Rex Cats include white, black, blue, red, lavender, chocolate, cream, blue-cream, tortoiseshell or calico. The combination colors include black and white, blue and white, red and white, cream and white, brown tabby and white, blue tabby and white, silver tabby and white, red tabby and white, cream tabby and white, black smoke and white, blue smoke and white, red smoke and white, cream smoke and white, lavender and white, tortoiseshell and white, blue-cream and white, chocolate and white or pointed and white.

Cornish Rex Kittens

Cornish Rex Appearance

The Cornish Rex kittens are born curly with tiny waves and may lose them for awhile and regain a nice curly coat at a few months old. They are known as the “greyhounds” of the cat world – with a long body, tail, legs and tuck up just like a greyhound dog.

The most distinguishing and attractive feature of the Cornish Rex Cat is their curly coat. The curly coat is very soft just like, silk though it looks like a tough coat. The coat of the Cornish Rex Cat has down hair. This means that they have the basic coat which has hair as long as 1 centimeter. The appearance of the Cornish Rex Cat is very slender and slim rather bonny, which gives them a very fragile look. They have long and strong hind legs and their body is arched with long head and neck. They have a racy look because of their slim structure. The high set ears and large, expressive eyes give them a very alert look.

Cornish Rex Personality

The Cornish Rex Kittens are best for keeping as pets in a family. They have very friendly and loving nature. They are very playful and alert. So, you will never be bored if you have Cornish Rex Cat as your pets. They love to play and if you throw them a ball, they will go fetch it for you.

They love to fetch things tossed at them and they even like to toss things that they have access to. This sheds light on the activeness of their breed. As they have very small hair, some people assume that they do not shed. The truth, however, is that they also shed when they need to change the coat as a natural process. Their shedding is less messy because of the short length of their hair. They can be easily groomed with a brush or even with the hands.

The Cornish Rex Cat are very intelligent and are also very demanding. They demand their owners to care for them with attention and love, which they also reciprocate. As they are very playful and active, most people are of the view that they keep the nature of a kitten throughout their life.

Be prepared to be entertained by these smart and very active Cornish Rex cats if you are lucky to be owned by one. A Cornish Rex will race around the house, help you in all you do and at the end of the day are very willing to curl up in your lap or under the covers in bed. And be warned – Cornish Rex cats are addictive and like potato chips – you never can own just one!

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