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Christmas Cat Names: 120+ Christmas Themed Names For Cats

Maybe Christmas is the right time to give children some responsibility and let them have their own cat?

If you decide to surprise your kids this Christmas and give them a little kitten or a cat, this experience will be complete if the kitten name is inspired by Christmas.

Kids love cats as they are are quiet, warm and fluffy…

Give your new cat a name that will always remind your kids and you, and whole family of that special Christmas morning. Here is a list of Christmas cat names for that perfect gift.

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Christmas Cat Names

  1. Gloria
  2. Santa
  3. Faith
  4. Spirit
  5. Winter
  6. Joseph
  7. Christian
  8. Emmanuel
  9. Myrrh
  10. Mary or Merry
  11. Jingle
  12. Ginger (bread)
  13. Candy
  14. Snowflake
  15. Joy
  16. Snowball
  17. Holly
  18. Angel
  19. Elf
  20. Scrooge
  21. Dickens
  22. Yule
  23. North
  24. Claus
  25. Kringle
  26. Frosty
  27. Noel
  28. Christmas
  29. Blitzen
  30. Cupid
  31. Comet
  32. Donner
  33. Vixen
  34. Prancer
  35. Dancer
  36. Dasher
  37. Agathe
  38. Kermit
  39. Silber
  40. Razan
  41. Goober
  42. Hawk
  43. Margarita
  44. Kennan
  45. Wilma
  46. Daisy
  47. Gnome
  48. Lilliputian
  49. Grinch
  50. Rudolph
  51. Sally
  52. Oogie Boogie
  53. Ebenezer
  54. Aubrey
  55. Yule Log
  56. Poinsettia
  57. Azalea
  58. Ilex
  59. Trifle
  60. Marzipan
  61. Bauble
  62. Eve
  63. Nicholas

Funny Christmas Cat Names

Here are some funny Christmas cat names that will suit both kittens and male top cats.


65. Gift Wrap

66. Gingerbread

67. Egg Nog

68. Bells

69. Mistletoe

70. Mistlepaw

71. Trick-or-treat

72. Candles

73. Feast

74. Tree

75. North

76. Pole

77. Cracker

78. Nutcracker

79. Stocking

Christmas Cat Names From Other Languages

Believe it or not, the following words mean Christmas. There are some really interesting and funny words out there that mean Christmas on different languages. These names could sound really original as Christmas kitten names.

80. Kerstmis

81. Jul 

82. Koleda

83. Nadal

84. Pasko

85. Noel

86. Kryst

87. Kalikimaka

88. Nativitatis

89. Milied

90. Natal

91. Nadolig

Christmas Cat Names Resembling Christmas

These cat names are pretty Christmasy. When you hear almost any of these names you think of Christmas.

92. Chimney

93. Sleigh Bell

94. Present

95. StockingHanger

96. Turkey

97. Jingles

98. Puddingeater

99. Carolsinger

Winter Cat Names

Here are some winter cat names that could be used as Christmas cat names as well.

111. Foggy

112. Ice

113. Blizzard

114. Glacier

115. Alaska

116. Slalom

117. Avalanche

118. Bigfoot

119. Snowdrop

120. Snowy

121. Snowpaw

122. Snow White

123. Snowball

124. Snowbird

125. Snowfall

126. Snowshoe

127. Snowshoes

128. Snowstorm

129. Snowtiger

A kitten is probably one of the best Christmas gifts you could possibly give to kids. Keeping a cat has many benefits, especially for kids. They get something to play with and also learn about kittens.

Psychologists believe that kids with pets learn being responsible at an early stage. Their parents teach them how to treat their pets. They listen and learn. You can keep a pet depending upon your house, you and your kids. You need to analyze everything and then decide which pet will be best suited for your kind of home.

Be it a cat, dog, bird, fishes or any other pet, kids learn a lot when dealing with the pet. It’s a wonderful practical experience you can give to your child.

From a young age owning a pet is important for children’s development as children become more expressive and imaginative.

More Cat Names

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