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Twin Cat Names: 130+ Cat Pair Names

You just got 2 cats? Or you have 2 sister cats or brother cats? Purr-fect! To make naming double easy, why not consider twin cat names that work for your new friends. There is a variety of wonderful cat pair names based on people, personality traits and appearance.

We know that choosing a kitten name is not easy, and if you have two cats, the task is duplicated. Below, you will find a list of names for two cats that may be of inspiration to decide the names of your two kittens.

Below each pair of names, you will find a brief description to understand the origin of cat names and their meaning better. Which twin cat names do you like the most for your cats?

Best Twin Cat Names

  • Tom and Jerry

Although they are the names of the most famous cat-mouse pair, calling your cats Tom and Jerry can be an entertaining and original option. And if the color of your cat is similar to the original color of these cartoon characters, much better, do not you think?

  • Zipi and Zape

The popularity of these two friends can also serve as a reference to decide the name of your cats. Ideally, each of the cats should be a different color, one with a coat of dark color (possibly black or dark gray) and another with lighter shades (white, orange or light gray).

  • Pin and Pon

One of the most popular children’s games in history. This pair of names for two cats is a very peculiar combination for the most beloved kittens in the house.

  • Maxi and Taxi

The rhyme is, without a doubt, the most striking element of this cat pair names. Both are funny names for cats and are ideal for active and agile cats.

  • Antony and Cleopatra

Most famous lovers in ancient history.

  • Simba and Nala

If you have two cats of different gender, you can also play with these two names of the Disney movie, The Lion King, to decide their names. They are, without doubt, very common names among felines, the most beautiful and distinguished.

  • Felix and Garfield

Famous cats from cartoons, these two cat pair names are associated with cats of different characters, both active and lazy, as well as family and independent.

  • Eros and Zeus

These Greek god names make a perfect combination for cats and will reinforce the active and intelligent character of your kittens.

  • Ebony and Ivory

A song by Paul McCartney featuring Stevie Wonder. Meaning the ebony (black) and ivory (white) keys on a piano. Perfect for black and white pair of cats.

  • Coconut and Kiwi

Do you like kitten names related to food? If you are looking for original, unusual but beautiful names, Coco and Kiwi will be a good option to call your two cats.

  • Claws and Whiskers

Claws and Whiskers are two names that go perfectly together and are also ideal for any cat breed you prefer.

  • Aslan and Caspian

If you are a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia, these names will be familiar. Aslan and Caspian are two of the most important characters in this saga and refer to the names of two kings.

  • Bonnie and Clyde

Criminal couple known for their bank robberies, small stores or funeral homes during the Great Depression. If you have two outlaw cats the these names are for you.

  • Bella and Edward

The main couple in the Twilight Saga. The vampire-themed romance fantasy film based on the novels. Great twin cat names for two black cats.

  • Jacob and Bella

When Edward leaves Bella, she is finding solace with Jacob a werewolf in The Twilight Saga New Moon. For a pair of wolf cats.

  • Morticia and Gomez

Couple from The Addams Family. Parents of Wednesday, Pugsley and Pubert.

  • Andromeda and Perseus

In Greek mythology, Perseus son of Zeus rescues Andromeda from a sea monster and they got married. They had seven sons and two daughters. Great mythology cat pair names.

  • Salt and Pepper

Spices which are traditionally paired and necessary on dining table. Cute names for two cats.

  • Yin and Yang

Chinese Philosophical concept that describes how obviously contrary things may actually be complementary and interconnected.

Cat Pair Names

Male Twin Cat Names And Meanings

  • Ac & Dc

AC/DC rock band

  • Ali & Frazier

Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier, boxing greats

  • Archie & Jughead

Archie comics characters

  • Aston & Martin

Aston Martin, luxury sports car

  • Barney & Fred

Characters from The Flintstones

  • Ben & Casey

Acting siblings, Ben and Casey Affleck

  • Bill & Ted

The movie Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

  • Blofeld & Drax

James Bond villians (Hugo Drax from Moonraker)

  • Boris & Becker

German tennis champion

  • Butch & Sundance

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

  • Cain & Abel

Brothers from the Bible

  • Chico & Harpo

The Marx Brothers

  • Commander & Chief

Commander in Chief, US president as head of the military

  • Connery & Mcgregor

Scottish actors Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor

  • Connors & Mcenroe

Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe, tennis greats

  • Dalziel & Pascoe

English TV police series

  • David & Goliath

Characters from the Bible

  • De Niro & Pacino

Robert de Niro and Al Pacino, acting greats

  • Donald & Kiefer

Father and son actors, Donald and Kiefer Sunderland

  • Douglas & Fairbanks

Douglas Fairbanks, actor of the golden era of cinema

  • Dylan & Neil

Great songwriters Bob Dylan and Neil Young

  • Ewing & Barnes

Rival families from the TV series Dallas

  • Floyd & Hatton

Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton, boxing champions

  • Frasier & Niles

Fictional brothers from the sitcom Frasier

  • Hank & Travis

Hank Aaron and Travis Jackson, Baseball greats

  • Henry & Peter

Father and son actors, Peter and Henry Fonda

  • Holmes & Watson

Fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

  • Holyfield & Tyson

Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson, boxing champions

  • Hugo & Boss

Hugo Boss German fashion label

  • Jack & Daniel

Jack Daniels, Tennessee whiskey

  • Jeckyll & Hyde

Fictional characters Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

  • Jessie & James

Jessie James, Old West outlaw

  • Joel & Ethan

Movie director brothers Joel and Ethan Coen

  • Jr & Bobby

Fictional brothers from the TV series Dallas

  • Kevin & Joe

Siblings Kevin and Joe from The Jonas Brothers

  • Kirby & Rollie

Kirby Puckett & Rollie Fingers, Baseball greats

  • Kirk & Michael

Father and son actors, Kirk and Michael Douglas

  • Laurel & Hardy

Comedy Duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

  • Lennon & Mccartney

John Lennon and Paul McCartney, The Beatles

  • Levi & Strauss

Levi Strauss, famous blue jeans

  • Lloyd & Beau

Father and son actors, Lloyd and Beau Bridges

  • Marco & Polo

Marco Polo, Italian explorer

  • Mark & Spencer

Marks and Spencer, British department store

  • Marley & Tosh

Reggae singers Bob Marley and Peter Tosh

  • Martin & Charlie

Father and son actors, Martin and Charlie Sheen

  • Morse & Lewis

Popular British police series Inspector Morse

  • Mr Big & Mr White

James Bond villains (Live and Let Die & Casino Royale)

  • Nip & Tuck

Nip Tuck, TV medical drama series

  • Noel & Liam

The Gallagher brothers from the band Oasis

  • Oddjob & Columbo

James Bond henchmen (Goldfinger and For Your Eyes Only)

  • Oxford & Cambridge

Famous English universities

  • Poirot & Hastings

Hercule Poirot and Arthur Hastings, fictional character

  • Ralph & Joseph

Actor siblings, Ralph and Joseph Fiennes

  • Randall & Hopkirk

1960s British TV series

  • Randy & Dennis

Sibling actors Randy and Dennis Quaid

  • Russell & Pearce

Actors, Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce

  • Simon & Garfunkel

Simon and Garfinkel, singing duo

  • Smith & Jones

Common surnames

  • Smithers & Leither

Bond characters (Smithers, For Your Eyes Only) Felix Leither

  • Smokey & Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit, popular 1970s movie

  • Starsky & Hutch

Starksy and Hutch, 1970 police drama series

  • Sugar-ray & La Motta

Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake La Motta, boxing greats

  • Tango & Cash

Tango and Cash, action movie

  • Tiger & Norman

Golf greats, Tiger Woods and Greg Norman

  • Tom & Jerry

Cartoon characters

  • Wallace & Gromitt

Cartoon characters

  • Wayne & Garth

Characters from the movie Wayne’s World

  • Whisper & Nick-nack

James Bond Live and Let Die and The Man With the Golden Gun)

  • William & Henry

Name of English kings

Cat Pair Names Inspired By Famous People

  • Anthony and Cleopatra – An obvious choice for Sphynx cats!
  • Brad and Jennifer – Pitt and Aniston are today’s “historic” couple
  • Abelard and Heloise (monk and a nun whose love letters became famous)
  • Jahan and Mumtaz (grieving emperor and the late wife for whom he built the Taj Mahal)
  • John Alden and Priscilla Mullins – American earliest lovebirds
  • John and Abagail Adams – President and First Lady whose love affair lasted a half century
  • Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Cat Pair Names Male

Do you have a pair of male cats? Or you have two brother cats? Then these male cat pair names will be great.

  • Starsky and Hutch
  • Gilligan and Skipper
  • Leno and Letterman
  • Microsoft and Apple
  • Fred and Barney
  • Ben and Jerry
  • Cain and Abel
  • Lean and Lanky
  • Shirts and Skins
  • Gravel and Hardtop

Twin Cat Names Female

Girlfriends and friendly rivals:

  • Cagney and Lacey
  • Betty and Veronica
  • Trixie and Dixie
  • Betty and Wilma
  • Thelma and Louise
  • Beauty and Grace
  • Amelia Earhart and Tailspin
  • Laverne and Shirley
  • Daisy and Lily (also Rose, Buttercup, Lilac, and Sweet Pea)
  • Charlotte and Emily (Bronte)

Mixed Cat Pair Names

Some couples were wildly in love…others were at each other’s throats. Are your cats lovers or fighters?

  • Dagwood and Blondie
  • Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
  • Dharma and Greg
  • Firefly and Ice Cube
  • Rhett and Scarlett
  • Puffy and J-Lo
  • Charles and Diana
  • Elvis and Priscilla
  • Gable and Lombard
  • Sonny and Cher
  • Judge and Judy

Twin Cat Names Unisex

  • Gin and Tonic
  • Raincloud and Sunburst
  •  Plus and Minus
  • Footloose and Fancy Free
  • Chips and Dippy
  • Frank and Beans
  • Hammer and Nails
  • My Stars and Whiskers
  • Pins and Needles
  • Plain and Simple
  • Judge and Jury
  • Stuff and Nonsense

More Kitten Names

There are many more categories of cat names on Cat Names Unique. From white cat names for the white kittens to the black cats with black cat names. From exotic cat names for all exotic breeds out there to the most unique cat names. The choice is really big, so don’t rush.

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