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Bengal Cat


Bengal Cats are considered to be amongst the relatively newer breeds of cats, and they are formed by the cross-breeding of a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. The Bengal Cats have a wild appearance, which resembles that of a leopard with a large white belly and large spots with rosettes. Even though it has a wild appearance, it offers a gentle domestic pet temperament.


There has been a formation of many of the Bengal Cats simply because of breeding of many different types of cats together such as the patterned trait, different colors, short and long haired breeds, white spot breed, ticked breed, orange breed.

The main categories of Bengal Cats:

We categorize Bengal Cats according to two criteria: patterns and colors. There are two different patterns and two different background colors. The pattern may either be spotted or marbled, while the background color is either brown or white.

Spotted Bengal Cats are more common than the marbled ones and the brown cats are also more common than their snow counterparts. However, the six official types of Bengals are: The Brown (black) spotted, the brown-black marbled, the blue eyed snow spotted, the AOC snow spotted, the AOC eyed snow marbled and the blue eyed snow marbled.

Along with this, The International Cat Association recognizes several of the Bengal colors such as brown, seal, lynx point, silver, sepia and milk. The new traits show many other colors as well as long hair too.

Bengal Kittens

Care for Bengal Kittens:

Bengal Kittens need a lot of care. So for this, you should keep the kitten indoors so that they remain safe from getting lost or hit by any vehicle. Secondly, you should keep an identity tag on the collar with phone number and an area code. Do not put your name or the cat’s name on the tag. Keep all the open windows in your house as netted. This is because Bengal Cas are great escape artists. Teach your Bengal Kitten to come when its name is called out and if it is possible for you, get the cat insured.

Unique features:

The Bengal Cats are genetically athletic and as they grow up, their athletic techniques become more astounding. They can run with a great glee and acceleration, leap to huge heights, climb cupboards, roll around, switch lights on/off and somersault in very high spirits.

Bengal Cats have ridiculously stretched moods and roll and lithe around their backs. Moreover, they spend many happy hours in nuzzling your face, purring wildly and are amongst those breeds that genuinely crave affection.

When excited, the Bengal Cats often tremble and twitch their tails or probably fluff them up in a massive raccoon tail. They are considered to be a very active and dynamic part of the family group and fill a sense of energy in the family with their energetic movements. Different species of Bengal Cats show different reactions to water.

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