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Balinese Cat Breed is loving and loyal, playful and very very smart. Their coats are longer hair but not full like the Himalayans so extremely low maintenance and the look is defined as “Elegant”. They have outstanding full blown tails. Balinese come in all the colourpoints with the Tortie Point and Snowshoe being the most exotic of them all.

A sensational breed that adapts easily to any family situation including other cats, dogs, small children or single owner. Balinese exhibit no aggressiveness, they are a loving breed that want to be included in family life.

If you are looking for a cat that is cool and aloof this is not the breed for you. Balinese require being a part of the family and will show you how much they want to belong every day. Considered to be the best of the Cat breeds for families with allergies.

History and Background of Balinese Cats

Even though the name of these Cats suggests that they may have originated from Bali or some part of Indonesia, this is not so. The Balinese Kittens are naturally occurring breed and have originated from human controlled breeding efforts. The breed of these Cats was originally registered as long haired Siamese, and then their breed started to change after a breeding program of long-haired cats was initiated in 1950s.

The Balinese Cats were named after Balinese dancers for their long haired and graceful beauty. After the name was coined for this breed, it became quite popular, and the breeders began to give the perfectionist look to the Balinese appearance.

Unique Features of Balinese Cats

There are two unique features of Balinese Cat. They start to show intelligence from the early stages of their lives, and it has been estimated that the Balinese Cats are rated the highest in intelligence of all the long-haired breeds; they are rated as 9/10 for it. In comparison to these, the Persian and the Himalayans have an intelligence rating of 6 and 7, respectively. Secondly, Balinese Cats have a specific time span and they grow up to 18-21 years of age, which is considered to be highest for them.

Different Types of Balinese Cats

There are two major types of Balinese Cats; they are either traditional or contemporary. The traditional Balinese cat has a coat which is two inches long, spread all over its body. It is considered to be a sturdy, brawny and robust cat equipped with semi rounded muzzle and ears. Even though it does not share any genes with the Ragdoll Cat, it still closely resembles the cat.

A contemporary Balinese Cat has a shorter coat and closely resembles a Siamese Cat except for its tail, which in the case of a Balinese Kitten is graceful and silky plume. Just like the Siamese, the Balinese Cat has a long and slim body, accompanied with a wedge-shaped head and eyes, which are of a vivid blue color. As compared to those long haired cats, the contemporary cats have a soft ermine like coat.

Balinese Cat Voices

The Balinese cats are among the most vocal of all breeds but have a softer meow than do their Siamese relatives. When they do have something to say it is wise to listen. They will usually tell you about their day, or vie for attention, but sometimes they are trying to relate to you that something is wrong. Maybe that silly kitten is caught inside the drawer again. Maybe their restlessness is due to a stranger outside or even the smell of smoke in the house.

Balinese Cat Activities

As most cats do, the Balinese cats love to hold evening races. They will race wildly through the house and bounce off their favorite places. If they don’t have a companion cat to run with, they welcome the participation of their humans. They love to retrieve toys or paper wads once they are able to train their humans to throw them. These athletic cats also love to play and jump after a toy on a string. But this is not to say they are wild or overly active cats. They are just fun-loving and will settle right down and be back in your lap after their exercise period.

Balinese Cat Physical Characteristics

Balinese cats are robust and healthy. Females can average anywhere from 8 to 10 lbs with males weighing in from 10 to 14 lbs (or more).

They are as exotic-looking as Siamese cats. They also have the same wonderful blue eyes. The main difference between the two breeds is the length of their coats. The Traditional Balinese and Siamese cats possess the wonderful muscular body similar to the original imports from Siam. They are heavier than the modern, “wedge-head” cats that are featured in most of what is written about both breeds. The Traditional cats have a rounder shaped head giving them the nickname “Applehead.”

Balinese Cat Coat

The Balinese cat is basically a low-maintenance longhaired Siamese cat. The Bali coat is the most wonderful silky, luxuriously Angora-feeling satin coat. When visitors pick them up for the first time it is not unusual for them to utter some sound like “Ohhhh” and then bury their faces in the wonderful fur. It is just silky, silky, silky and delightfully luxurious. The body hair is medium length, between 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, and of just one length. Without the double coat of other longhaired cats, the Balinese coat does not need the constant grooming and care of those breeds. When you brush your Balinese cat it is more of a demonstration of affection and a bonding experience than a necessity.

The most outstanding feature of the Balinese coat is the magnificent plume of a tail. The tail hair can reach 3 to 6 inches in length and is exquisite! The Traditional Balinese cats also have the cute little ear tufts, a ruff around their neck, and “britches” along their hind legs.

Different Available Colors of Balinese Cats

The Balinese Cats have a huge range of colors. However, seal, chocolate, blue and lilac, which were previously common to Siamese cats only, are now common to Balinese cat also. The less traditional colors such as red, cream, and patterned colors like lynx point or tortie point are also common to the Balinese Cat. The Cat Fanciers’ Association, however, accepts only four of the traditional Siamese colors (mentioned above).

Balinese Cats with Children

Balinese Kittens are considered to be very playful and intelligent cats. This is the reason why they adapt to the noise and activities of the children very easily. However, Balinese Cats do not tolerate if they are mistreated, so young children should be supervised when they are playing with them.

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