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Abyssinian is a particular breed of domestic household cats, who has a characteristic of “ticked coat”. The name “Abyssinian” refers to Ethiopia; however, their origin is still uncertain. Most of the stories of Abyssinian cats revolve around their origination from Egypt, and genetic research suggests that the breed has possibly originated from the vicinity of the coasts of Indian Ocean.

However, the development of the breed has definitely taken place in Egypt. Many sources suggest that the breed has originated from Zula, a female Abyssinian Kitten who was captured from a port in Alexandria and then brought to England. However, the definite link has not been established till yet.

Physical features

The body of Abyssinian Cat is lithe, along with well-developed and active muscles. They possess long and slender legs in proportion to their body and have a fine bony structure. Their paws are small and oval shaped and the tails of the Abyssinian Cats are interesting; they have a fairly long tail, which is broad at the base and is tapering to a specific point.

Abyssinian Cats have a broad head which is moderately wedge shaped and almond shaped eyes with beautiful variations in colors, ranging from gold, green, copper and hazel. When viewed in profile, their nose and chin form up a straight vertical line.

Abyssinian Cats are relatively alert than the other breeds, and they have large ears, which are cupped and broad at the base. In fact, the large ear buds of these cats are considered to be one of the reasons for their high pricing in the market. Abyssinian Cats have specific markings at the corners of their eyes, which are known as mascara lines and are considered as source of attractiveness of this particular breed.

Coat types of the Abyssinian Cats

The coat of this cat is medium, dense and silky and is particularly different in the Somali breed, in which each hair has a base color with multiple dark colored bands. They are considered to be unusual, and this is the reason why this coat type is attractive and expensive to buy.

Social Behavior

Abyssinian Cats are intelligent, extremely active, willful and playful. They are not considered as lap cats, because they are habitual of being preoccupied with the thoughts of exploring and playing. They are considered to be very successful show-cats, and without daily love and attention, they might get depressed.

They get along nicely with other breeds; however, the female can sometimes be irritable around other cats. Abyssinian Cats are known for their curiosity and the zeal to enjoy exploring heights and the surroundings. Nevertheless, they are considered to be very sensible cats that do not take unnecessary risks since their level of intelligence is really high.

Formidable hunters, as the Abyssinian Cats are known to be, are interested in playing with toys and play with toys for hours; some play fetch-the-ball with their masters.

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