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Welcome to Cat Names Unique – your place for the most unique and original names for cats and kittens.

Apart from giving the kitten a healthy, happy lifestyle, with the best food and toys, a good name is equally important. Naming a kitten can at times be a very difficult and tiring but this is one thing that helps create an extraordinary bond between the owner and the bundle of joy.

Many people have become bored with the usual names that are given to kittens such as, Fluffy and Whiskers and are searching for cat names that are unique, and can reflect the creative side of the owner as well. Naming a kitten can help reflect the personality of your pet, as well as the personality of the owner, as many people judge the type of person you are by the way you name your cats.

For that reason we have made an infinite range of cat names for both male and female kittens. You can even find the meaning of the name selected, ensuring that the name you are choosing has a lovely meaning as well.